Saturday, November 12, 2011

Walls and Weighted Tea Pots

  How would you go about tearing down a wall? Storming a castle? A similar question that you perhaps might not have connected is this - how would you achieve some cathartic release?  The camp’s mighty trebuchet is our answer to all three.  He (or shall we call it a “she”?) made an appearance at our Pastors and Wives’ Retreat last month.  The participating couples had to predict the final trajectory of where the deadly melon would land and set up the milk crates to catch it.  If they hit the target, the prize was a gourmet dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. The competitive men and women lined-up to take their shots and ooh-and-ah at the explosive melons.   
  Originally built for our Outdoor Ed program,  campers make predictions, graph the possibilities and outcomes, and discuss ancient civilizations impact on today’s world.  Mostly though, they just have fun setting up their castle wall to hopefully be destroyed by the flying toaster or weighted boot.  This connection between education, destruction and fun sounds very childlike, very boy like, but can’t we sophisticated adults apply this method in as well?   
  When we face those overwhelming obstacles, when we come up against those willful walls, why not take a similar approach? Take that awesome task or difficulty that lies before you and overcome it in a way that will not only bring enjoyment to yourself but to those around you.  Throw a melon at it or a teapot, whatever it takes.  Break down that barrier. Barge through that gate. If you miss, try and try again and as you get closer and messier you might just realize that the anticipation and joy in the attempts perhaps has been the lesson or the game all along.