Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dining Hall Updates

We just want to take a moment and thank you all for your prayers. Here is the latest information we have on the dining hall damage and our next steps during this transition period. Please pray that we would know the best options for reconstruction of the dining hall, as this is an old building (built in the 1940's) and it might not be up to current building codes. We are still waiting to hear back from our insurance claims adjuster, as to what the insurance will cover, but we anticipate that the insurance will not cover all that is needed. We will not be able to use the dining hall for serving or meals during construction, so we are looking to rent a large tent to cover the outside patio for additional meal seating, and trying to come up with creative ideas for feeding our guests. Please continue to pray for wisdom to see the opportunities God has put before us.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Damage Updates

As we go through the process of getting the camp back into shape after the recent storm, we want to keep you all informed of the progress. At this point the Dining Hall is our priority. The tree was removed from the roof on Thursday, and the hole is being temporarily covered in anticipation of the next storm this weekend. We are working hard to minimize the impact of the repairs on our upcoming guest groups in December and January. Praise God we have insurance on these buildings, but we will need funds for things not covered by the insurance (we will have more information on these needs soon). The fire damage to Hilltop #2 was extensive enough that the cabin will need to be completely rebuilt, our goal is to have it completed before summer. We have put together a short PowerPoint slide presentation for any churches who would like to share more information with their congregations. If you are interested in getting a copy of this presentation, please contact our Associate Director at Guy@prescottpines.org.

Prayer Requests

* Please pray that the decisions of our insurance company are positive, and allow us to complete the work needed.

* Please pray for wisdom for our staff as we continue to strive to meet our guests needs.

* Please pray for wisdom to see the opportunities in God's plan.


* No one was hurt in the storm and clean-up process, pray that there are no injuries as we continue.

* The staff homes sustained no damage in the storm

* Power was restored to the camp after 67 hours (3.5 days). (A cheer was heard around the camp)

* The responses we have received from churches, other camps, and friends of the camp, have been very positive. It is amazing the way God's children work together in crisis.

Thank you for your prayers. We will keep you updated when we know more.

Tree Removal

Dining Hall Roof Damage

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Need Your Prayers

Last night a major winter storm passed through Prescott and much of Arizona. The camp has sustained much damage from this storm, and we need your prayers as we decide how to proceed.

* The Dining Hall roof was damaged when a tree fell on it due to the heavy winds and the weight of the snow. Currently the tree is still on the roof, so we have not been able to ascertain the extent of the damage. We know several beams were broken and branches have come through the ceiling into the main part of the dining hall. Tomorrow we have a contractor and his crew coming out to remove the tree and temporarily patch the hole.

* Eagles Roost cabin was also damaged when a tree fell on it, however it appears damage was minimal.

* Early Tuesday morning the Hilltop #2 cabin caught on fire. From what we can ascertain, the fire was caused by electrical power surges from the storm. The fire was an attic fire, which caused the roof of the building to collapse, and caused extensive damage to the rest of the building, however, the local fire department responded promptly and there were no injuries.

*Praise God that no guest were at camp during this storm and that none of the staff homes suffered damage.

Please pray for us during this difficult time, we will keep you updated as we know more.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Continue The Story

Prescott Pine’s story is rich because of those who have experienced God in this place. Throughout the year, many of you ask how you can contribute to what God is doing here. It is because of people, like you, who partner with us, that we are blessed to continue the story which started over 65 years ago. Whether you came as a summer camper to Frontier Village years ago, bring your family to Christmas Camp annually, or just found us through the internet, God has enabled our paths to cross. Prescott Pines is forever grateful for you and your generous support.

Below you can read through a list of equipment needs to continue the story of impacting lives for Christ. If you or someone you know has a contact in one of the following industries who are able to donate goods or services, or provide them at a discounted rate to Prescott Pines, contact Paul Clark at paul@prescottpines.org or 928.445.5225. Remember, all gifts are income tax-deductible and will benefit the ministry of Prescott Pines.

• 4wd Vehicles (good condition)
• Snow blower
• Building materials
• Propane water patio heaters
• 40hp air compressor
• Large generator
• Commercial Water Truck 1,500 gallon or larger
• 4wd Quad and Yamaha Rhino for snow plowing
• Earth Balls (2)
• Sports equipment
• ½” ¾” & 1” PVC piping for landscaping

If at any time you run across any building materials that you or someone you know would like to get rid of, let us know about it. I’m sure that we here at camp could find a good use for them.

Thank you for allowing us to work in your stead.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Water Pressure Tank Adventure

About once a month something happens at camp that causes the staff to say, “Oh Lord, what are we going to do now?”

That was exactly my response when in the middle of the Pastor and Wives Retreat, one of our maintenance men gave me the news that our water system pressure tank was leaking! The tank holds about 3,500 gallons of water that is placed under pressure to push the water from our reservoir to all parts of camp. It reminded me of a leak I once had in my car’s radiator…only bigger! You could see the water squirting out of a small hole in the tank, and our big fear was that the hole would get worse.

A quick look at our staffs’ faces reminded me that once again we were faced with a situation where none of us had any experience. I mean, how often does a camp have to replace a water pressure tank? After a time of prayer around the tank, we set up a plan to find and install a replacement. Proverbs reminds us that “In a multitude of counselors, there is wisdom”. Once again, we were able to find wisdom through our network of friends of the camp.

I want to thank you for all of your prayers, encouragement and gifts to our camp this past week. The water pressure tank has been replaced, but not without some challenges!

We were able to find and purchase a used tank two days later. We had it delivered for free the following afternoon. We found out that we had to special order a part from Illinois, so we prayed and hosted three guest groups while keeping an eye on the leak. Yes, the leak did get bigger, but it did not affect our guests experience at camp.

Last week, our staff filled up their bathtubs and we turned off the water for 26 hours to change over to the new tank. After the tank was replaced, we were still pressurizing the system when our next guest group arrived. They had low water pressure for about two hours, but they did not allow that to change the focus of their retreat.

We have seen God working in this crisis.

• It happened during our Pastor and Wives Retreat. They were able to pray with us and several churches and a few individuals made contributions to help cover the estimates $15,000 cost of the repair.

• It was a small leak and not a catastrophic failure of the tank.

• Our Waste Water Treatment advisor is a dear brother in Christ who was able to find a used tank for us because of his network of friends and his commitment to us.

• A local contractor who is also a great friend of the camp offered to pick up the tank for free with his semi truck and trailer with only 8 hours notice.

• An unexpected volunteer and his wife came to work at our camp for the month. He is experienced in setting up PVC pipe water systems and was able to assist our staff in building the new water pressure system.

I shared with some friends afterwards that they did not teach this kind of thing in Seminary, but… maybe they did. God using his children to help in a time of crisis!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Volunteer Make Camp Possible

As most of us are painfully aware, finances are an ever-increasing concern for everyone. Prescott Pines is no exception. Daily realities frequently involve the stewardship of the many resources with which the Lord has entrusted us as we seek to provide the best possible guest experiences, while controlling our associated costs. One way that we have been able to stretch our operating dollars is through the use of volunteer labor.

Volunteer labor comes in many different forms, and we are always looking for ways to expand our opportunities for volunteers. In September we had a group that call them selves TLC, (Traveling Laborers for Christ). They completely rebuilt our Hungry Bear CafĂ© cabinets and turned one of our old cabins into a newly remodeled “Breakout room”. We also have a group of retired people that call themselves “Sowers” (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready) These amazing people have set aside “retirement” as we commonly think of it in favor of traveling the country in their RVs helping out ministries just like us. In an average year, our volunteers generate over 2,500 hours of work that they complete around camp. It would be impossible to maintain our beautiful grounds and facilities without them.

There are a variety of other ways volunteers are involved as well. During our busy summer months, high school kids volunteer as “Crew” members, they do everything from wash toilets to lead children to Christ. We also host a volunteer work weekend in the spring called Helping Hands, during which about 50-80 individuals and families come out to help get things ready for summer. Also, we’re always on the lookout for mechanics, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, and more. Look for more and more volunteer opportunities in the months ahead as we seek to expand this program throughout Prescott Pines.

Volunteering at camp can be a more profound experience than coming as a camper. As we literally give ourselves to the Lord’s work at Prescott Pines, He consistently meets with us and opens our eyes and ears to perceive things with clarity and to grow in our understanding of who He is. These selfless people, who so faithfully serve the Lord here at Prescott Pines, inspire our full time staff to humble ourselves before God and renew our sense of purpose in our daily labors for Him.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Can I Do?

Often we have people who come to camp and ask, "What can I do to be involved in this ministry?". While we have numerous ways you can volunteer or support the camp financially, one of the most important ways you can support the ministry that goes on here, is to pray for our staff. We have had an amazing staff this year, from the local kids who are a part of our kitchen crew, and the staff who have committed to working here year round, to the amazing group of young men and women who came from around the state and the nation, to volunteer their time here this summer. We want you to be able to be specific in your prayers for these individuals, so we have come up with a prayer card with a picture and the names of all our staff members.

Please pray for the young people as they have returned to school, that they stay focused and continue to be a light for God where they live. Please pray for our year-round staff, that they would receive rest and refreshment from God in order to serve with excellence. Please pray for us all, that we would never stop seeing the unique work that God continually does here at Prescott Pines.

From Staff
If you would like a copy of this prayer card, you can download it from this site, or give us a call at (928)445-5225 & we would be glad to send you one (or more than one, if you want to pass them along.) Thank you for your continued support!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's A Kind of Hush All Over the Camp

Kids are back at school, college classes are starting back up soon, and if you listen very carefully around the camp, the sound you hear is the staff taking a nap and resting up after a very busy summer.

Despite the current economic hardships, God continues to bless Prescott Pines, and we had even more kids attend our Frontier Village and Youth Camps this summer, than last year. Last year we added a second Youth Camp to our summer roster, and were amazed this year when we were only fifty kids short of both weeks being completely full. We were able to partner again this year with the Angel Tree Ministries, and had 60 kids who all have at least one parent in prison, come to camp and hear about the life changing salvation and love Christ offers. In addition, as our Heart Partners Scholarship program continues to grow, we were able to give a record 47 scholarships to other kids who would not be able to attend camp any other way.

This summer we saw 80 kids in our programmed camps receive salvation, and 108 who made recommitments in their walk with Christ. We are continually in awe of the ways God has decided to use Prescott Pines, and the lives that He changes on these grounds.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Transformation is Complete

Over the past several years, we have been thoroughly blessed in our efforts to update the Chapel. We have been given the funds to upgrade the sound system, put on a new roof and steeple, and this past month, we spruced up the outside, for a completely fresh new look.

A few weeks ago, a couple came up for the week to volunteer and where given the task of power washing the outside of the chapel. As he was prepping, Calvin asked when we were planning to repaint it. When our maintenance director responded that we didn't have the funds, Calvin offered to donate the paint, and repaint it while he was there for the week. That same week we had a group of teenage volunteers from Riviera Baptist Church here as well, so between them and our current SOWER couple, they did a great job.

Already we are getting comments from guest who have not been here in a while, asking if it is a new building. The transformation is incredible, and we are so thankful for the ways God leads people with hearts for the camp. So many of the visible changes you see around camp are a result of similar blessings, from people who love the camp, and want to lend a hand.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Here!!!

Well summer is fully upon us in every way except the temperature. Our summer staff have all arrived, we have finished three fontier village camps, and have hosted numerous guest groups on our main campus. It definately feels like summer... other than the fact that the temperature has not risen above eighty for the past several weeks.

With all the craziness that goes into this time of year, the support of those who partner with us in ministry is more crucial than ever. We have already had 15 kids come to salvation at Frontier Village this year and we are blessed to once again to partner with the Word of Truth Ministries, who conduct bible study correspondence programs with all these kids to continue their discipleship and growth once they leave camp.

We recently received a letter from Kathy O'brien, the director of this ministry telling us about a camper from last year who has faithfully been doing their bible correspondence program this past year. Kathy writes:

"She had been invited to come to camp by a friend and didn't really know what to expect... Her favorite part of camp was chapel times. She wrote me, "I learned so much about God and Jesus and all that. The best thing I learned was that God loves me. Imagine God loving me when so many people in my life don't even like me. I talked with my conselor a lot about why God would love me and I cried a lot just thinking how wonderful it was that God loved me. At the end of the week I didn't want to go home. I was having too much fun and learning so much. But on Friday I asked Jesus to be my Savior... Then I was told about a way I could learn more about God after I left camp. I wrote to you and you have been kind enough to send me Bible lessons in the mail. I have learned so much about God. Now I love him back. Jesus is wonderful to know too and to know that He died for me and took the punishment for my sin. He is such a good guy. Thank you for helping me learn all these things and more"...By the way, she is saving up her babysitting money and doing little jobs around the house to earn money to be at camp this summer."

It is such a blessing for us to partner with this ministry to provide continued teaching for our campers once they return home. Please pray for this ministry and for the campers who will come to know Christ this summer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Next Billy Graham?

You never know who you might meet at Prescott Pines Camp. The rumpled kid with shoelaces untied and missing a sock (where do all those socks lost at camp go?), galloping past you to be the first in line at the dining hall, might just be the next Billy Graham.

We love to hear stories about camp, and today we heard a fantastic one. This week a group of volunteers from Trinity Baptist in Mesa came up to camp to help us out with some landscaping work. Pastor Vince was working outside the chapel, when he started talking to a 11-year old boy named Jay who was up at camp with Faith Community Church. After asking the normal questions about fun activities at camp and school, Pastor Vince asked Jay if he had made anything at camp, and what had he learned.

Not realizing that Vince was a pastor, Jay proceeded to witness to him. During the week, the campers had learned about witnessing, and were given the million-dollar bill tract to help them remember. Jay went over the ten commandments with Vince, establishing that he was indeed a sinner, and told him Jesus was the only way to get to heaven. Wanting to see how much Jay had learned, Pastor Vince asked him if he could be good and make a large donation to a church instead. Jay honestly replied that money really didn't mean much, and the only way is Jesus. They ended the conversation with Jay telling Vince that he should go home and read his bible.

These kids coming up to camp each week, will be the leaders of the Church... ten... twenty... thirty years from now. It's amazing to be a part of God's work here on earth.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Blessings from God

For those of you who don't know, we have a fake mine here at camp for kids to learn about gold panning, but somehow we've stumbled onto a real gold mine with SOWERS "Servants On Wheels Ever Ready". This organization has numerous members who travel the country in RVs helping out at Christian camps, schools, churches and other ministries. They are all retired and pay their own way to get from project to project. They bring to us the expertise and skills that they have acquired throughout their lives such as carpentry, plumbing, sewing, electrical and office work, and the best part is... it's free!

So far this year we've had SOWERS every month and they have been such a blessing to us at camp. They pick up the slack when our maintenance department needs help, doing anything and everything that is asked of them. In January they completely remodeled our kitchen office and did a fantastic job. February's crews was small, only one couple, but that didn't slow them down one bit. There were so many little things that "we just couldn't get to" that Bob (the sower) accomplished for us. He built cabinet doors, touched up paint in every cabin, replaced electrical outlets, and the list goes on and on. Then in March we had four couples and they literally tore the place up... in a good way! There were two heavy equipment operators and we put them to work on our new backhoe. They fixed the drainage on our ball field, added parking up at the Hilltop cabins, enlarged the area around the sand volleyball court, and a lot more. Also, while the men were busy tearing up the camp grounds, their wives were hard at work sprucing up the cabins. They painted and sewed new valences for Acorn meeting room, and sewed new curtains for the Hilltop cabins.

Last month in April, we had four new couples come and serve here with us, and just so you know, that's exactly how we look at it. These men and women are coming along side of us to serve as part of our team. Even though they are only here for a short time, their work and impact will last a great deal longer. This past month they finished up the new Hogan that was built in Frontier Village in March, re-roofed the Hungry Bear Cafe, continued sewing and hanging the new curtains for the Hilltop cabins, made new parking spaces for spruce cabin, repaired chairs for the Chapel and widened the road behind the Hungry Bear Cafe. Next time you are up at camp, be sure to check out the new landscaping and flowers around the grounds that this group worked on.

I suppose our only real challenge this year regarding the SOWERS is going to be..."How do we keep them busy?" We all know that the economy is hard right now, and trust me, it's no different at camp...money's tight! But so far God has given us the right people for the job at hand. We've been able to keep them busy doing things that cost little to nothing, but make a big difference. Working at camp is sometimes like floating down an unfamiliar river. You're not sure where you're going all the time, but you're still moving ahead. As long as God continues to send us SOWERS we're going to assume that He has a plan for them here. It's kind of exciting knowing that God has a plan... it makes out life a lot easier, and we can just enjoy the ride.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gladiator Games

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood. That's the focus of this year's youth camp - Gladiator. A common practice for ancient cultures was to have a champion from each county fight to decide who was the victor. We are locked into a battle against the forces of darkness with no hope of succeeding on our own. But God has provided us with our own champion - a gladiator who cannot be defeated. Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve our victory over evil. All we have to do is let him fight for us. Join us this summer at youth camp to see this epic battle played out.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day of Reckoning

The theme for this year's Frontier Village is Round-up: The Day of Reckoning. Campers will experience camp in a whole new way as they try to make sense of an unfair world. Why would God allow the "bad guys" to win? Why doesn't good always have the upper hand? The lesson is simple - God is always in control, and sooner or later, there will be a day of reckoning. The only question that remains is, which side will you be on when that day comes?


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Like School Only Better!

Some people know it as Science Camp, others refer to it as Outdoor Education, but either way you look at it, it's a great time for kids to experience hands-on learning and have a fantastic time in the process.

We are currently in our forth season of running these educational camps for schools across Arizona. What started as an experiment has grown into a mainstay for our camp. We have developed a program where we do all of the teaching and programming... and teachers love it!

We teach a variety of subjects from Orienteering to History Hikes, and offer a lot of fun classes as well. Interestingly, a lot of schools choose Zip Line over the more educational class choices (I guess we are all just kids at heart :) At night we offer hay rides and camp fires, along with skit nights and visits from our local zoo. This year we actually had so much snow one week, we added an igloo building class! Our list of choices keeps on growing and so does the list of schools that keep coming year after year.


Check out what some of our Outdoor Education campers have had to say about the program:

"Thank you for letting us stay at Prescott Pines Camp. It was really fun. I liked everything. I liked the food, the drinks, gym, human foozball, gold panning, low ropes, zipline, archery, and even the hayride. Me and my friends really liked it. The beds were really comfortable." - Carter

"I should have payed more for you guys. I think Ryan the rookie and Ron are the funniest. I loved cleaning the cafeteria room with you guys it was fun. I got an award for best cleaning." - Christopher

"The trust fall and the other activities were really fun. The trust fall and zipline seemed a bit scary before I tried doing it." - Nicholas

"I loved the trip. I liked the zipline the best. The history hike was my second favorite. In my free time I would like to play Human foosball." - Anika

"My favorite activity would probably be the Challenge course. I loved the smores. The hayride was AWESOME! So was the food. My favorite part of the Challenge Course was probably the Trust Fall." - Misty

"I can't even stop thinking about your camp." - Alexis

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All New Dead Things

Remember the old Hobby Hut that looked like a shack about ready to fall over? Well, we got our wish and have turned in into a Nature Den full of all new dead things! Over the last few years, we have had a number of donations towards our collection of taxidermy animals, and it is starting to look like a museum. Recently we received a donation that enabled us to add a skunk, chipmunk, rattle snake, raccoon and jack rabbit to the displays. The new Nature Den is used primarily for Outdoor Education classes, but we are planning on using it for Summer Camps as well. We are still working towards completion and are planning to add a few live reptiles, a video projector and such. Next time you come up to camp, ask us for a tour, we would love to show it off!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Join Us This Summer at Camp!

Every summer we recruit forty to fifty high school and college students to help us run our summer camps. We don't look for just anybody, we want just the right people to help run the program, act as counselors for campers, run games, etc. This year we've had a great start, but still have some positions that need to be filled. We still need two more male counselors (18 or older), three more male crew members (16 or older), and a female nurse's assistant (18 or older). We are confident that God knows exactly who will be filling these spots, and would ask you to pray that we will recognize them when they come along. If you're interested or know someone who might be, check out the summer staff page on our website.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look at Them Go!

What do you get when you add together a pile of lumber, three days and a group of God's people with servant's hearts? Well at Prescott Pines, that equals a new hogan for Frontier Village! Thanks to a generous donation for supplies from friends of the camp, and the Men's Group (plus a few women) at Chapel in the Hills Church in Tucson who supplied the labor, Frontier Village now has a second hogan to be used for camper housing this summer.

A few months ago the group from Chapel in the Hills decided to get behind this new project, raised the money for the first hogan, and had such a great time putting it together, they have volunteered to construct any future hogans that money is donated for. Two down and only four more to go! Check out these pictures of the construction, they did a great job!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beautiful setting, wonderful service, lasting memories!

Holy ground. That's where we are. God has used this camp over the years to be a place where life changing descisions are made, where hearts are touched and where He becomes all there needs to be! As we journey through all that goes on here at camp, I hope that you will join the many who pray and care about all that is done and needs to be done to continue to grow and fulfill God's purposes here! Come often for updates, needs and "happenings" here!