Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Continue The Story

Prescott Pine’s story is rich because of those who have experienced God in this place. Throughout the year, many of you ask how you can contribute to what God is doing here. It is because of people, like you, who partner with us, that we are blessed to continue the story which started over 65 years ago. Whether you came as a summer camper to Frontier Village years ago, bring your family to Christmas Camp annually, or just found us through the internet, God has enabled our paths to cross. Prescott Pines is forever grateful for you and your generous support.

Below you can read through a list of equipment needs to continue the story of impacting lives for Christ. If you or someone you know has a contact in one of the following industries who are able to donate goods or services, or provide them at a discounted rate to Prescott Pines, contact Paul Clark at or 928.445.5225. Remember, all gifts are income tax-deductible and will benefit the ministry of Prescott Pines.

• 4wd Vehicles (good condition)
• Snow blower
• Building materials
• Propane water patio heaters
• 40hp air compressor
• Large generator
• Commercial Water Truck 1,500 gallon or larger
• 4wd Quad and Yamaha Rhino for snow plowing
• Earth Balls (2)
• Sports equipment
• ½” ¾” & 1” PVC piping for landscaping

If at any time you run across any building materials that you or someone you know would like to get rid of, let us know about it. I’m sure that we here at camp could find a good use for them.

Thank you for allowing us to work in your stead.

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