Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Next Billy Graham?

You never know who you might meet at Prescott Pines Camp. The rumpled kid with shoelaces untied and missing a sock (where do all those socks lost at camp go?), galloping past you to be the first in line at the dining hall, might just be the next Billy Graham.

We love to hear stories about camp, and today we heard a fantastic one. This week a group of volunteers from Trinity Baptist in Mesa came up to camp to help us out with some landscaping work. Pastor Vince was working outside the chapel, when he started talking to a 11-year old boy named Jay who was up at camp with Faith Community Church. After asking the normal questions about fun activities at camp and school, Pastor Vince asked Jay if he had made anything at camp, and what had he learned.

Not realizing that Vince was a pastor, Jay proceeded to witness to him. During the week, the campers had learned about witnessing, and were given the million-dollar bill tract to help them remember. Jay went over the ten commandments with Vince, establishing that he was indeed a sinner, and told him Jesus was the only way to get to heaven. Wanting to see how much Jay had learned, Pastor Vince asked him if he could be good and make a large donation to a church instead. Jay honestly replied that money really didn't mean much, and the only way is Jesus. They ended the conversation with Jay telling Vince that he should go home and read his bible.

These kids coming up to camp each week, will be the leaders of the Church... ten... twenty... thirty years from now. It's amazing to be a part of God's work here on earth.


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