Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look at Them Go!

What do you get when you add together a pile of lumber, three days and a group of God's people with servant's hearts? Well at Prescott Pines, that equals a new hogan for Frontier Village! Thanks to a generous donation for supplies from friends of the camp, and the Men's Group (plus a few women) at Chapel in the Hills Church in Tucson who supplied the labor, Frontier Village now has a second hogan to be used for camper housing this summer.

A few months ago the group from Chapel in the Hills decided to get behind this new project, raised the money for the first hogan, and had such a great time putting it together, they have volunteered to construct any future hogans that money is donated for. Two down and only four more to go! Check out these pictures of the construction, they did a great job!

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