Thursday, April 16, 2009

Like School Only Better!

Some people know it as Science Camp, others refer to it as Outdoor Education, but either way you look at it, it's a great time for kids to experience hands-on learning and have a fantastic time in the process.

We are currently in our forth season of running these educational camps for schools across Arizona. What started as an experiment has grown into a mainstay for our camp. We have developed a program where we do all of the teaching and programming... and teachers love it!

We teach a variety of subjects from Orienteering to History Hikes, and offer a lot of fun classes as well. Interestingly, a lot of schools choose Zip Line over the more educational class choices (I guess we are all just kids at heart :) At night we offer hay rides and camp fires, along with skit nights and visits from our local zoo. This year we actually had so much snow one week, we added an igloo building class! Our list of choices keeps on growing and so does the list of schools that keep coming year after year.


Check out what some of our Outdoor Education campers have had to say about the program:

"Thank you for letting us stay at Prescott Pines Camp. It was really fun. I liked everything. I liked the food, the drinks, gym, human foozball, gold panning, low ropes, zipline, archery, and even the hayride. Me and my friends really liked it. The beds were really comfortable." - Carter

"I should have payed more for you guys. I think Ryan the rookie and Ron are the funniest. I loved cleaning the cafeteria room with you guys it was fun. I got an award for best cleaning." - Christopher

"The trust fall and the other activities were really fun. The trust fall and zipline seemed a bit scary before I tried doing it." - Nicholas

"I loved the trip. I liked the zipline the best. The history hike was my second favorite. In my free time I would like to play Human foosball." - Anika

"My favorite activity would probably be the Challenge course. I loved the smores. The hayride was AWESOME! So was the food. My favorite part of the Challenge Course was probably the Trust Fall." - Misty

"I can't even stop thinking about your camp." - Alexis

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  1. We just got back from your science camp and I loved being there. I might come back for summer camp. You guys are awesome.