Friday, August 7, 2009

The Transformation is Complete

Over the past several years, we have been thoroughly blessed in our efforts to update the Chapel. We have been given the funds to upgrade the sound system, put on a new roof and steeple, and this past month, we spruced up the outside, for a completely fresh new look.

A few weeks ago, a couple came up for the week to volunteer and where given the task of power washing the outside of the chapel. As he was prepping, Calvin asked when we were planning to repaint it. When our maintenance director responded that we didn't have the funds, Calvin offered to donate the paint, and repaint it while he was there for the week. That same week we had a group of teenage volunteers from Riviera Baptist Church here as well, so between them and our current SOWER couple, they did a great job.

Already we are getting comments from guest who have not been here in a while, asking if it is a new building. The transformation is incredible, and we are so thankful for the ways God leads people with hearts for the camp. So many of the visible changes you see around camp are a result of similar blessings, from people who love the camp, and want to lend a hand.

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