Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outdoor Education - A New Way to do Ministry

Over the past several years, Outdoor Education has become a big part of what we do at Prescott Pines. Between September and November of 2009, we had 18 of these camps and served 15 different schools - most of which are from the Phoenix Metro area! 8 of those camp were level 3 programs, this means that the school chose for us to do everything. We do the planning and scheduling, teach all of the classes and run their entire camp! A lot of work but so rewarding, especially when we read/heard some of the comments below:

"You've made our camp an amazing experience!" Teachers at Aprende Middle

"Thank you so much for all you gave for us to have such a wonderful experience!" Ashley Grimm, teacher at Gateway Pointe

"Thank you so much! That is my all-time favorite trip! Honestly, I liked it so much, I want to live there!" Kara - Student

"Thank you for working hard so make us have fun and for building teamwork. People really worked together!" Madeline - student

"You guys were amazing! This was definitely one of the most gratest times of my life. Thank you so much for letting us come to Prescott Pines. I really wish we stayed longer! I am 100% sure I'm not gonna forget science camp. My brother can't wait to be in 6th grade to go to Prescott Pines. Thanks so much and keep up the good work." Jasmine - Student

"Thank you for making this field trip possible and for teaching us. This trip is one I'll never forget." Gavin - Student

ODE at Prescott Pines is filled with a ton of learning and every second is a moment of fun to be had. We fill our classes with engaging activities that keep the kids busy and enjoying themselves while not realizing that they are learning! As you can read, the whole experience is a big hit and we as a staff are incredibly grateful. You see, we mainly have public schools come visit us so we see it as a way to expose kids to a Christian environment, not only by our actions but each student is given a brochure for our Winter or Summer camps where they will actually be taught the gospel. We also try to be a help to Christian teachers who see their school as a mission field. Just another way for us as a staff to use what God has given us for His glory.


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