Monday, December 20, 2010

Stick Figure on Ascent

Have you ever drawn out your life map?  When I taught seventh grade, I would have my students sketch one. Their roads were highlighted with elementary school events and birthday celebrations complete with Crayola colored balloons floating above the path. Some roads would dip down.  Age 5: Parents divorce.  It was interesting to see their perceptions of their thirteen year old life trajectory – what they saw as really affecting it and where it was going.  It would be interesting to create such a life map every five to ten years for comparison. How does understandings of life’s moments, their impact and influences, change over time – that party you weren’t invited to when you were eight might not be penciled in overtime but the rejection of a boyfriend in high school perhaps subconsciously influenced you to pursue a degree in counseling. Age 16: Broken heart.  
The title of our camp blog is “Memories in the Making.”  It is our hope that Prescott Pines is drawn on many such life maps. Age 8: Discovered Jesus’ Love. On my life map, camp would certainly be highlighted.  There would be a sketched mountain top with a soccer ball at its base. Then me, as a stick figure, starting the ascent, with a little stick figure group behind me. Age 20: Camp Counselor. After that summer, I graduated with a degree in education. Years later, I served in China. Now I am working here. Age 33: Communications Coordinator Prescott Pines. As I consider all such events, that summer I severed as a camp counselor was one of the best of my life. 
At Prescott Pines, all our summer workers are volunteers. When the season is over, we award scholarships. The fund is called “Servant’s Heart” and over the last three years, we have given $91,000 in one hundred and one scholarships. Many of our summer staff use the money for schooling but there are several who also put it towards ministry opportunities or spiritual growth like attending Acquire the Fire or Student Leadership University.  This year a young woman is going to serve in Nepal and another is going to Cambodia. One young man even donated his scholarship to his church so that more children are able to attend camp.  I would love to see their life maps and where the road will eventually lead. Each person’s life map intersects with others. As with our summer staff, we see the eternal impact we can have on one another.  Our hope is that we are able to grant even more scholarships. Would you consider being a part of this work?  Mark it on your map. Draw a heart around it and see where it will lead. 

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