Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sparrows in Red Bandannas

Ben hardly could focus those first few summer weeks. Outside of the camp office, Heather had set up a few bird feeders. You see, my husband loves to explore nature and the window that presented such a view was a little too distracting for him. Being married to Ben brings many benefits including -and certainly not limited to- the ability to reach the baking soda on the top shelf without having to climb on the counter top as well as the nature lover's world view. Ben shared with me once how the sparrows are actually like the little gangsters in the bird world. (I picture them with red and blue bandannas on their tiny feathered heads.) They will attack and unfairly beat up on others, often for no reason at all. They are the least of the bird world. Now that Ben shares such nature-knowledge with me, Jesus' parables convey even deeper meaning for the Carpenter was also a naturalist. He looked at the world around Him, the very world that was created through Him, and weaved stories of the Divine. When he spoke of caring about the sparrows, perhaps it was more than them just being the littlest but that they were the least liked. Jesus even loves the little gangsters.  This year at the women's retreat, Marilyn Dean is our speaker. She too will bring out those deeper details as she will sit before us with her pottery wheel.  As she moves her hands over the clay, you can't help but sense the Potter's hands on your life.  

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