Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wear it like you mean it!

With their pressed uniforms, their order, and their commands, the Navy junior ROTC filled one side of the dining hall. With their bright neon shirts, their enthusiasm, and their cheers, Grace Community Church’s kids group occupied the other. And both groups were very happy.  As the weeks go by and the months pass, many different guest groups come through Prescott Pines’ doors. Evening Light Fellowship visited us recently. They adhere to the traditional literal values of the Bible so their women wear flowing skirts and are adorned with long hair. I had the privilege to host the girls on the zip line.  Ever so discreetly and with grace and modesty, the young ladies were able to put their harnesses on while maintaining their convictions.  (This involved a change in a nearby teepee and a careful combination of leggings and a harness covered by a skirt.)  Resurrection Lutheran hosted their children’s camp this past week.  The church is located in a unique place in Scottsdale.  Just down the street, an apartment complex has been established as Liberian refugee housing.  The church sympathized with the needs of this displaced people group and started to bring food, clothing, and most importantly community. On Sundays, a shuttle brings them to church. Many of the kids this past week were these very children from Liberia.  Pam, the leader, spoke of how they often do not eat three meals a day. Camp provided not only an unforgettable experience for them but fed them as well. An older couple who took their time to be counselors spoke of a conversation with Suah. When the eleven year old boy found out they did not have children, his first question was “So when were they killed?” The diversity of the groups and the uniqueness of their needs is one of the aspects that makes camp an amazing place.  It is here that each comes seeking – in one way or another- and it is always our hope that we are able to reflect the love and hope found in Jesus Christ whether they come wearing pressed uniforms, neon shirts, or long skirts.   

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