Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guest Blog from Counselor in Training - Allie Banks

Hello, I’m a CIT here at Prescott Pines. My camp name is Allie Banks and I’m gonna tell you a little about how this week has gone. We’d been expecting rain all week and with 23 kids here we weren’t sure what to think. But it’s been a blast! It basically sprinkled on and off throughout the day, and rained occasionally. When it came to water day on Wednesday, we were praying for warm weather because otherwise everyone would freeze! And God answered those prayers! It was clear and sunny the whole game time. Everybody had fun and not one kid left the water games dry (Hee! Hee!) 

Wednesday evening was skit night.  Every tepee had preformed and  it was so funny;  my stomach hurt from laughing so much. It’s a lot of fun seeing the way all the kids have fun watching the summer staff skits. Even though it’s the hundredth time we’ve seen it, it’s always enjoyable to see the new facial expressions on the kids. This one girl in my tepee doesn’t smile a whole lot so seeing her laughing for 5 minutes straight was very cool. I love seeing the kids open up to us a little each day while we’re here at camp and that makes salvation night that much better for us. 

Though we get tired as the week progresses we always find a lot of enthusiasm when Thursday rolls around. On this day, we go to the lake and go canoeing, swim in the afternoon, and then that night we see where they are in their lives. And even if there is only one new salvation or rededication, it’s worth every ounce of effort we put into it because sometimes we just plant a seed and that’s all it takes. 

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