Thursday, March 18, 2010

Repairs Are Starting to Progress

The weather during the last few weeks has included snow storms approximately every third day, so this has limited our building progress up to this point. However, on Monday of this week, we seemed to have turned a corner, and it appears that spring has finally come to the camp!

On Wednesday, we were finally able to start coating the inside of the Waste Water Treatment tank. We were unable to do this during the snow, because the special paint that we use must have five days of warm and dry weather in order to cure properly. Once the paint dries, we will be able to reconnect the system.

This week a group of volunteers from the SOWERS project tore down and hauled away the debris from Hilltop #2. The debris needed to be removed so that the county officials can come and inspect the foundation and make sure that it was not damaged by the fire, before we start the rebuilding process. We are starting to work on building plans for this new lodge, and hope that this will be the prototype for future lodges here at camp.

  • Please pray that their are no more rain or snow showers in the next week, so we can finish the work needed on the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

  • Please pray for the permitting and inspection process both for the Dining Hall and Hilltop #2. Pray that the paperwork would go through quickly so the rebuilding can begin.

  • Please pray as we raise funds for the Dining Hall repairs and renovations that God would provide all we need.


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