Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Buying a Share" of Prescott Pines

In 1944 a campoaign was lanched to create what became known as Newsom Hall, the first building on Arizona Baptist Estates (now Prescott Pines). Newsome hall was purchased from Reynolds Aluminum and outfitted to serve as the dining hall for what we now call Prescott Pines. Dr. J.M. Newsom, the buildin's namesake, was the exectutive secretary of the Arizona Baptist Convention from 1938-1946. Up until December 2009 when a storm put a pine tree through its roof, that building still served as the dining hall for Prescott Pines.

Records seem to indicate that it as a $10,000 investment. Considering all the lives impacted from 1944 through 2009 through the camp, it's likely that investment has experienced a very good eternal return, don't you think?

Thanks to that December storm, it's time to invest again. Time, building code changes and oppertunity now converge to allow us to renew "Newsom Hall" for another 65 years of effective ministry. The time factor - the building is now 65 years oldand it was used when originally purchased; code changes - in those 65 years the world of codes has changed and as we repair the building those odes are our reality; opportunity - with insurance funds for seed money, we have a rare, economically feasible opportunity to upgrade and enlarge the dining hall for Prescott Pines' next season of service.
The winter storm opened the possibility of a new roof, new lay-out, new infrastructure and new capacity for roughly $175,000. Throw in the insurance money for repairing the roof, and for an additional $120,000, future campers at Prescott Pines can enjoy the advantage of a larger, completely renewed dining facility. When you consider the original $10,000 in today's terms, we're looking at a remarkable value. If you use inflation as an index, the equivalent of the original $10,000 was $121,000 in 2009. So in effect, we can make these remarkable imporovements for the equivalent of a 1944 price. Not bad!

So here's your chance... and mine... to buy a share in the future impact of Prescott Pines. our goal is to discover 240 people, churches, businesses and groups that will invest in one or more "shares" of that future for $500 a share. At this writing, new "shareholders" have already purchased 22 shares. In faith that this is indeed an opportunity from the Lord, plans are completed, permit applications are filed and a contractor awaits the green light. You can help us turn that light green by making your investment today by check made out to Prescott Pines and designated for "Dining Hall", by online payment at, or by calling the camp to make a credit card donation (928) 445-5225. And here's to another 65 years of great ministry... and eating!

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