Monday, October 31, 2011

Who done it?

It’s Halloween and no campers are around, so what does Prescott Pines Camp do with a day like today? Well, we work a little and then we prepare for a party of course!  Our very own Paul Clark wrote his own Murder Mystery Dinner Party script inspired by the movie Murder by Death.  Last year, we also held such an event in Groom Creek Lodge- and true to camp form- every staff member was quite into their character.  The baker ended up being the murderer. (Please don’t let that deter you from tasting our delightful desserts when you visit though!) We can’t wait to share this year’s pictures with you but here are few from the last party.  You may also wonder what the town of Prescott does on such a holiday.  The road up to camp, Mount Vernon, is closed off by the city and big portable lights are rolled onto the street. Thousands of people – young and old alike- walk the highly decorated row of historical houses.  With the coming of fall, the trees drip with golden yellow and orange and the children run with delight in their colorful costumes as they collect their candy.  Check out our facebook page for more pictures of our Murder Mystery Night. Any suspicions of who the murderer may be?  


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    The beautiful pictures of Mount Vernon are from Holdsworth Photography. Check out their website!