Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sobriety Coins and Branches

A single mother of two spoke of the recent transition in her life- her first born was leaving for college.  A twenty-two year old full time nursing student shared her thoughts about her relationship – they had been together since they were sixteen, have they changed too much to be right for each other now?  A retired school district employee wonders if her social security check will be enough.  No matter what stage of life we are in or what we are in the midst of - be it joy or pain- we were made to share. The women’s retreats were full of such moments. What a month September was!  As we entered into October this past weekend, we hosted a different kind of women’s retreat. Members of Alcoholics Anonymous came to gather around one another in celebration and support, new participants discovered that they were not alone and sponsors passed on encouragement and wisdom.  In the MAC, they journeyed through the Angel Walk where the blind-folded woman would be guided through obstacles advised and supported by mentors on the outside. At the end of the crossing, they received their sobriety coin. It was an emotional time.  We are glad that Prescott Pines Camp is a place of gathering, sharing, and realization that we are not meant to go at this life alone.  He is the vine and we are the branches and those branches work together to support one another.  May you see such branches in your life and may you be such to others!  Who is someone in your life that you share with like this? Thank them today by leaving a comment below.     

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