Friday, June 4, 2010

And it Begins!

The first of the summer campers have arrived at Prescott Pines Camp! Each year we kick off the summer with a very special weekend camp just for our littlest campers. Primary Camp is for second and third graders only, and this year we have 41 of these little ones joining us for the fun. It is so much fun to introduce the little ones to camp. The excitement in their eyes when they see the teepees for the first time is contagious, and it is the perfect way to launch our busy summer season.

Up on the Main Campus, the staff is looking forward to hosting some big groups this summer. Many of the groups are 225 people or more! It will be quite a challenge to feed such large groups with the Dining Hall still under construction. Our food service professionals will need to use every ounce of creativity and flexibility they have to make sure that every guest has hot, fresh, delicious food each meal. We are up for the challenge, knowing that we can do it by using both the tent and the Hungry Bear Depot seating areas.

Speaking of the Dining Hall, construction is progressing rapidly. The builders have put the trusses on, and it is starting to look like a building again. Generous donors have already contributed about 45% of the money needed for this project, praise God! If you have not yet donated to this exciting project, you may do so by clicking here. Gifts of $500, $1000, and $5000 will receive special recognition on a plaque inside the Dining Hall once the building is complete.

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