Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime!

Summer is in full swing, and for many churches, summer means not only camp, but Vacation Bible School too. First Baptist Church of Page decided to make the Prescott Pines Camp Dining Hall their missions project this year, and the kids raised money to help defray the cost of the construction. Last Sunday, four boys from FBC Page came to Prescott Pines to attend Frontier Village and presented the camp with a check for $153.84! Way to go, kids! Moreover, a big “thank you” goes to FBC Page for giving your kids the opportunity to participate in the Dining Hall project.

Last week we had a huge number of campers in Main Camp. In all, 265 people were here for the week! While this would be a big number for the camp to host normally, with the Dining Hall under construction, it is even more of a challenge. Half of the group ate in the tent, while the other half ate in the Ramada and on the Patio. Happily, it turns out that less than ideal dining conditions are not enough to stop kids from having a good time at camp and hearing the message of God. While we (and our groups) will certainly enjoy the new Dining Hall when it is completed, it is good to know that God’s word is still going out, despite the challenges we face.

In all of the talk about the Dining Hall construction, you may not know about the latest addition to Prescott Pines’ recreation offerings. Each year, we try to add a new activity to the campus such as Human Foosball or a Zip line. This year, we are adding a BMX racing track near Gould Chapel.
In case you are not familiar with this sport, BMX racing started when a group of kids in California modified their bicycles to navigate jumps, sharp curves and drop-offs. According to the American Bicycle Association (, BMX racing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States and Canada and even debuted at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing!

The Prescott Pines track is designed with the novice rider in mind. With our track, kids can sample this extreme sport in a very safe environment, riding one of our six 20” bicycles over berms, off drop-offs, and around hairpin turns, racing their friends to the finish line. You will want to check out this exciting sport the next time you visit Prescott Pines!

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