Monday, June 14, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll!

It has been a very good week here at Prescott Pines!

Frontier Village had a very successful weekend of Primary Camp. Forty-one campers attended, and ten of those campers made first-time decisions for Christ! Katie Hanus, a Primary Camp attendee, wrote to tell us, “Hi Prescott Pines Camp, I had fun at camp. I had fun swimming, hiking and at chapel. Please tell (staff member) Pearl Heart that I liked when she sang silent night. Please tell (staff member) Kit Karson I liked when she ate with us.” Her younger sister, Anna, also wrote, saying, “Hi Prescott Pines Camp, I am looking forward to coming to camp next year. My sister has been telling me all about camp and it sounds like fun.” It is clear that the summer staff is doing a great job building relationships with their campers. We are looking forward to having both girls here at camp next year!

Please consider joining us in praying for the ministry in Frontier Village on Sundays and Thursdays. Sundays are a big day, as the campers arrive and make those critical first impressions. A smooth arrival sets the stage for a good week of camp. Thursdays are also very important, as that is the day that we present campers with the gospel message and give them an opportunity to make a decision in response to the message. Pray that nothing gets in the way of a clear gospel presentation on this day.

The other big news around here is that there are shingles on the dining hall! Several sections of the roof are now completed. Pray for favorable weather while the builders are working on the exterior of the building. Rain would really slow down the work, and monsoon season is just around the corner.

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